We’re more than a collection of architects. We’re a multi-disciplinary team of designers bent on making the world better by design.

We're always on the lookout for great folks with exceptional talent, insatiable curiosity, and solid core beliefs that align with our own. Drop us a line if you're:


We’re in the business of improving our communities and seeing possibilities everywhere, so it’s essential we all share a desire to provide design solutions that go beyond what already exists and explore what could be.


From project deliverables to day-to-day business operations, we all love what we do, and it shows. Each day in the studio offers an opportunity to collaborate, create and transcend the ordinary.


We’ve built a studio culture rooted in exploring our collective knowledge. We teach, learn from and inspire one another, and together we produce great work. We expect a lot from ourselves and each other and set the bar high while helping one another to reach it.

We view design through the critical lenses of integrity and responsibility, both to our craft and to our community. We are peers, not competitors — seeking to better our world through our work.  We offer competitive salaries and benefits, an energetic workplace, ongoing training opportunities, and an environment that allows employee interests and strengths to flourish. BVH is an equal opportunity employer.

At BVH we enjoy critique. In fact, we welcome it. Not because we like to disagree or have a penchant for punishment, but because good critique leads to better design, and we’re all about better design.

The best projects are a lot like dungeons: no matter how many reanimated skeletons you encounter, they’re always worth the process of exploration. We dig deep because we care, not only about the finished product, but about the exploration itself.